Applications Applications
Services Services
  • Cost Estimates
    Site visits, advice to the client.
  • 3D Visualization
    To allow the client to view his project in a realistic way and thus confirm his choices.
  • Personalization
    Each cover or structure can be made with client's logo or advert.
  • Installation
    Delivery to the site and installation by our qualified teams of fitters - as a TurnKey project.
Safety Safety

Loads & Forces:

  • Structure own weight;
  • Wind action on the structure for a base wind speed of 28m/s for rough terrain 2 (EN 1991-1-4: 2005) which corresponds to wind speed of 129km/H at 3 meters in height from ground level. This wind speed equals to dynamic pressure of 804Pa (≈ 82kgf/m²) and conforms to HURRICANE Force Beaufort scale;


  • Concrete foundations with welded steel reinforcement grid diam.20mm, C20/25 (P)
  • Construction steel type S235JR, anti-corrosion treated and painted.
  • Reinforced high resistance PVC canvas 650g/m2. Canvas temperature resistance range -50C / +70C.
Commitment Maintenance commitment


5 year limited warranty is provided from the date of finished installation – against defects in material and workmanship. Under normal use and service, every part of our product will be free from physical defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period, or the part will be repaired or replaced as determined solely by Gintaro Medis UAB.

Warranty is provided only to the person or entity that originally purchased the product from Gintaro Medis UAB, or its authorized distributor or retailer/installer.

Warranty does not apply, if:
  • the warranty period is expired,
  • the product has been modified or repaired by buyer or any third party,
  • the defect was subject to abuse, accident, improper use,
  • the defect was subject to Force Majeure, such as acts of God, flood, lightning, earthquake, war, vandalism, theft.

Spare parts

We carry a limited stock of replacement parts or components, for quick reaction to client’s needs.

Support After-sales support

Promoting Clients loyalty, through ongoing monitoring of Client's satisfaction and personalized service. While working for domestic and international customers, we offer a qualified after-sales service, adapted to every project and market.

Research and Development of products and services - as a never-ending Process.
Business Partnerships actively pursues mutually beneficial collaboration with architects, resellers, construction contractors to expand sales and application of our products. Partnering with us will provide companies with new profit center within their existing business.

For further information – please contact us.

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